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In the last decade, Michael J Tisdale Construction, Inc. has defined itself as one of the leading custom residential builders in Los Angeles.  Whether your project requires new construction or renovation of an existing structure, our team prides itself on being an integral part of the design process, from conception to completion.  We work hand-in-hand with many of the foremost architects and designers in Southern California, and pride ourselves in our ability to stay on-task, on-time, and on-budget.

Michael J Tisdale Construction, Inc. has its roots on the East Coast where we were engaged to renovate or build custom homes ranging from historic 19th Century country estates to expansive contemporary classics along the Jersey Shore.  Ours is a discerning clientele whose work and travels frequently require extended trips between both coasts, resulting in the need to easily transition from one residence to another, while maintaining the relaxed feeling of home wherever they may be.

After successfully implementing this philosophy in the New York Metropolitan Area, Michael J Tisdale Construction, Inc. permanently relocated its operations to the Southern California, home to an increasing number of our clients, over a decade ago.  Originally establishing itself as a Consulting and Project Management firm, increasing contact with a number of well-established residential construction companies soon led to the Company’s emergence as one of the “go-to” firms during the peak building years in the early 2000’s.

We invite you to review our online portfolio.  Should you be in the early design stages, our estimators would be happy to review plans with your professional team or financial managers to provide both cost and time management studies of bringing your home to life.

Michael J Tisdale

Clybourn House


The pride of Tisdale Construction is in our attention to detail in all of the specialty trades that go into making an artistic, beautiful, long-lasting home. Our full remodels represent this standard of quality in all aspects very easily. However, we have always been open to smaller remodel projects, seeing them as an opportunity to demonstrate this dedication to quality and knowing the potential for our smallest projects to lead us to the larger projects through visible evidence of our craftsmanship. Essentially, some of our smallest projects have proven to the bricks that comprise the foundation of our company’s largest projects, as they have led us to the privileged opportunities to do full remodels with the sort of design and creative flexibility that we pine for.


Tisdale Construction elects to choose the “Cost Plus” model for our bid process. The process is very straight forward and simple. It allows you the homeowner to see the entire bid process in a line by line itemized way. A clear picture as to where your money is going and how it is getting divided up. The initial bid is built from the architectural and structural plans. All finishes and design choices that are determined on the bid set of plans are also quoted and introduced into your bid. If during the conversations and build of your project you decide to upgrade a material or downgrade an aspect of your build you can! The cost plus model is designed to let you the homeowner control your build and selections. Ultimately, it is you who controls the costs and flow of your project. Our on-site superintendents and project managers are professionals and are at your disposal every day to provide expert opinion and guidance. Unique to Tisdale Construction we do not ask for a down payment to start any job. We invoice as we build. You do not spend any money on any aspect of your project that is not currently into construction. Each week or every two weeks you will be invoiced. Each invoice will have every sub-contractor dollars, weekly insurance, Workmans compensation, company profit, and weekly supervision accounted for and documented for your records. No dollar is spent without your knowledge or approval. We believe our bid process is more honest, clear, and controlled. We have built lasting relationships with all of our clients and intend each and everyone.

He began working for Tisdale Construction in 2014. A graduate from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, he spent 12 years as a teacher of History and Law. Zac also received a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University in Miami, FL. He began his building career as a side business in Miami, FL remodeling homes. His first Tisdale Construction project was Chalon Rd, and has since been working on a remodel in Beverly Hills.

Zachary Beer

Project Manager