The stones are called PV Stones “Palos Verdes”. They came out of mine near Los Angeles and were very fashionable back in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. The mine has since dried up and been closed for 15+ years. So the only stones available for this type of work are rare and difficult to find. These stones we saved in the demolition phase of the job and are now repurposing them into the old chimney location. Thankfully we did that at the outset of this job or we would have had a very difficult time finding these stones that match like this. We are reintegrating the pattern and depth of the stone veneer to look seamless and original. We will do a few aesthetic things to help the stone and the grout surrounding it look like it was all installed at the same time. It is a very slow process to chip and cut and re-emulate the pattern and joints.

We took out a rotted chimney and reframed behind, waterproofed, paper and lathed the wall. We then added angle iron supports and bolted it to the studs. Then we are rebuilding the pattern and re-setting the stones on the house.